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Annie is a thoughtful listener and facilitator. She seeks to understand the client’s culture so that she can listen and create a facilitation approach that fits the current need. She goes above and beyond with the time and insights she shares. Annie has her own creative ideas and she is open to ideas shared by the client. She is a flexible facilitator sharing leadership with the organizational leaders throughout the course of a facilitated retreat or experience. She is organized and is prepared and this allows participants to fully engage and be present. Annie is a strong collaborator and is an asset to creating momentum in an organization. Over all this she covers her work in prayer led by the Spirit. Her strategy is created through faith-filled insights and discernment.


Kim Laufenburger, Executive Minister, Hope Church

I selected Annie’s training on ‘Adapting Your Communication Style’ because while our staff is comprised of varied and wonderful personalities, I know that every work environment is susceptible to miscommunication and misunderstanding. Annie recently held a training at our quarterly agency-wide gathering, and all were impressed with her engaging and insightful presentation. All four communication styles are present within our organization’s Leadership Team; we have since spent time together and in smaller groups processing the practical takeaways and applications from Annie’s material. It was also helpful for supervisors to better understand the communication styles of their staff. I will be implementing Annie’s material into my supervision time with our directors, and I know they plan to do the same with their staff. Thanks Annie!


Tammy Kocher, Executive Director, New Life Family Services

I recently completed Annie’s accelerated coaching program.  I was looking for some targeted coaching to help me work through a few key areas of development for me and my team.  It was extremely beneficial.  Annie was able to quickly and accurately identify the different needs of each of my staff and how I can better assess their needs and communication styles.  She gave me practical tools as well as individualized training guides for each of my staff so that I walked away with a clear path to move forward.  I felt significantly more equipped after just 3 sessions.  I continue to implement the tools she gave me and see so much fruit from our time together!


Schelli Cronk, Chief Operating Officer, Transform Minnesota

Annie's trainings have been an amazing asset to our internship program at Substance -- her teachings are a highlight to our intern's experience. At each training, she brings new tools and fresh insight for our teams to work better together, to engage in and manage conflict, and to communicate better with one another.


Jackie Kousma, Assistant Campus Pastor, Substance Church

At Wired for Relationships, Annie had us practice speaking the “language” of the other communication styles and I found this surprisingly challenging, but helpful for realizing how easy it is for us to become blind to the other ways of experiencing information. Also, I never considered intentionally changing words or behavior so that someone else understands you better or feel heard and affirmed themselves. I can see this as an extremely useful strategy for connecting with my students in the classroom as well as all people in my life.

Participant of Wired for Relationships 

As an INFJ and INTJ, we are very similar in many ways, but also quite different! We came away with a better understanding of how each of us approach day to day life, especially around planning, decision-making, and how we handle conflicts. We were able to trust each other more, and allow each of us to be ourselves, instead of fearing that we have to control each other or respond in the same way.

Brad and Sandy, Wired for Relationships

Annie came in to do a workshop on healthy conflict in the workplace using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). In the space of two hours I learned more about healthy conflict management than I had in a year’s worth of other similar trainings. It was eye opening to be able to discuss our preferred conflict styles with those that were similar and then to go around and hear alternative conflict preferences that were both completely different as they were valid from our own. The discussion and materials that Annie led us through led to a revolution in the way that our work environment handled what used to be conflict situations, turning them into growth opportunities filled with understanding instead of strife. If you apply what she brings to the table it will forever change the culture of your workplace.